Central Coating Now Offers Dispensable Thermally Conductive Gels

Dispensable Thermally Conductive Gels

Central Coating is now dispensing the latest in Thermally Conductive Gels, featuring Therm-a-GapTM materials.

Thermally conductive materials eliminate air gaps between heat generating components and heat spreaders. Because these thermally conductive materials have a greater thermal conductivity than the air it’s eliminating, the heat flow resistance across the mating surface decreases and the junction temperature is reduced. Reducing the temperature will increase the life cycle of the components and the device you are trying to cool.

Thermal gels are silicone based materials that are loaded with thermally conductive fillers. These materials are fully cured single component compounds that can be robotically dispensed over heat generating components. These materials are highly conformable and have low thermal impedance. These paste-like materials provide much lower mechanical stress on components. They are more stable and do not dry out like thermal grease.

Because these gels can be dispensed in different sizes, they are ideal in filling various gaps between heat generating components and heat spreaders. There are a variety of Therm-a-GapTM materials to choose from depending on the thermal conductivity and physical properties your application requires. For more information or if you would like a sample/data sheet of the material please contact us at 508-835-6225