Central Coating Now Utilizing Safe-on-Substrate (SOS) Conductive Paint

Central Coating is now utilizing the latest state-of-the-art conductive paints called Safe-On-Substrate (SOS). Based on advanced polymers and conductive material, SOS products have established a new level of performance at a much lower overall applied cost. These materials do not contain any MEK or other harsh aggressive solvents.

SOS Coating are uniquely formulated with very mild solvents that can tolerate higher built-in stresses, found in molded parts, and provide excellent shielding at less than 1.0 mil (25 microns) dry film thickness. These SOS coatings are extremely hard, tough and durable. SOS coatings offer greater compatibility with many of the plastics used in today’s electronic enclosures.

Safe-on-Substrate products are designed with a fast drying solvent blend which is desirable in high volume production. For more information on SOS Conductive Coating and other EMI Shielding Material applications, please call Larry Denefrio at 508-835-6225 or email us at info@centralcoating.com . To access details view out technical data sheet section.