Central Coating Offers Latest Generation in FIP Gasketing

Central Coating is now offering the latest generation in FIP Gasketing using the TriShield dispensing technology.

FIP Gasketing

TriShield Soft

The benefits of Trishield® include lower compression force, shorter production time and lower cost. The newest material  is called Trishield Soft®, which is a modified version of traditional Trishield® gasket. It is co-dispensed with both conductive and non-conductive material. The technique, however, remains unchanged as a  precise string of electrically-conductive silicon rubber is dispensed onto a carrier and is then formed into the characteristic shape.

Central Coating employs a unique technology to apply the material in a triangular and wave shaped gasket.  Materials applied include silicone nickel, nickel graphite and soft nickel graphite. Trishield®Soft is available in gasket heights of 1.2 – 2.5 mm, and in a range of metal fillers including Ni/C, Ag/Ni or Ni/Al, depending on customer requirements. Application of these materials  results in up to 70% lower compression force and a low compression set.

Advantage s of TriShield includes:

  • Excellent shielding properties – Up to 110 dB
  • Saves space on PCB by reducing the number of screws
  • Reduced over-all cost – Less machining, fewer screws,
  • thinner and more flexible covers

For more information visit our Form in Place FIP Gasket page for more information or email us info@centralcoating.com.