Conformal Coating Added to Applications Service Offering

Central Coating, a specialized precision coating application and EMI Shielding company, has recently announced the addition of Conformal  Coating to their coating application capabilities.


The Conformal Coating  process provides protection against fungus, moisture, corrosion, dust, thermal and mechanical shock to printed circuit boards and other electronic Conformal-Coatingsubstrates.  These coatings are dielectric materials applied to electronic substrates to protect circuits  from environmental stress. They also minimize dendritic growth and the electromigration of metal between conductors. These coatings work to significantly extend the life of electronic devices used in extreme environments.


Central Coating has a dedicated ESD protected area for this process as well as  CNC machining ability to manufacture custom plugs and boots ensures process reliability and quality while reducing cost.


“Central Coating has remained in the fore-front of technological advances in coating application and we are excited to add Conformal Coating services  to our applications service offering,”  said Central Coating Sales Manager Larry Denefrio.


For more information visit our conformal coating services page.