Conformal Coatings

Conformal Coating ServicesThe Conformal Coating process protects printed circuit boards and other Electronic equipment from harsh environmental conditions. Conformal Coatings may be applied by several different methods including spraying, dipping and robotic process. There are four different types of conformal coatings including epoxies, acrylics, silicones and polyurethanes. Central Coating will work closely with you in selecting the proper material for your application. Based on recent customer surveys we rank #1 in customer service! Using conformal coatings will increase the longevity of your electronic equipment. Call us today to learn more about our Conformal Coating services.

Conformal Coatings are dielectric materials applied to electronic substrates to protect circuits from environmental stress, such as: fungus, moisture, corrosion, dust , thermal & mechanical shock. These coatings will also help extend the life of electronic devices, by protecting them against harsh environmental conditions.
We have a dedicated ESD protected area for this process. Our CNC machining ability to manufacture custom plugs and boots ensures process reliability and quality while reducing cost. We also offer potting, encapsulation and stripping of AR & UR coated boards for rework. We are ANSI/ESD S20.20, ITAR compliant and registered with the US Department of State. We apply all MIL-I 46058C/IPC-CC-830 coatings. Conformal Coating  prototype runs, quick turnaround and a wide variety of in-stock coatings available.

UV Curable Conformal Coating Technology UV Curable Conformal Coating Technology

We now have the ability to apply UV and moisture-cure “re-workable” conformal coatings. These coatings are engineered for thicknesses up to 0.254mm (0.010 in) and contain no nonreactive solvents. The ability to UV cure in seconds allows for faster and greater outputs and lower processing costs. These materials are in full compliance with RoHS directives 2002/95/EC and 2003/11/EC.

Benefits of UV Curable Conformal Coating Materials:
Conformal Coating Services

  • Faster Processing
  • Greater Output
  • Lower Assembly Costs
  • Superior Re-workability
  • Low VOC
  • Chemical Resistance

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