Custom Assembly & Finishing Services

Did you know that Central Coating has developed capabilities to provide a number of custom assembly and finishing services? Along with our expertise in EMI Shielding, Cosmetic & MIL Spec Coating application we also provide a number of  value-added and finishing operations.

These operations  include: Soldering, Crimp and Solder Connectors, Potting/Encapsulation, Dam & Fill, Adhesive Bonding, Picture5Heat staking, Heat & Press Fit Inserts, Electro Mechanical Assembly, Laser Engraving, Pad Printing, Silk Screening, Form-in-place Gasket application, Cosmetic & Functional Refurbishment and Supply Chain Management.

We can provide these operations as stand-alone services or as follow-on assemblies. Allowing Central Coating to manage your secondary operations will result in predictable and controlled processes and lower transportation and administrative costs. We can Coat-it, Connect-it, Assembly-it and Finish-it. For more information on our valued-added capabilities or our coating services please email us at, or call 508-835-6225