Form in Place (FIP) Gaskets

Form in Place Conductive Gaskets:
Form in place gasketsOur automated Form-In-Place gasketing process applies programmed conductive elastomer gasket beads on to metal or plastic substrates. These highly reliable seals can be applied to flanges as narrow as .035″. FIP process compensates for uneven surfaces and affords more real estate in your overall packaging design. The bead exhibits very good adhesion to plated metals, shielded plastics, stainless steel and vacuum metalized surfaces. Attenuation exceeds 75 dB between 200Mhz and 10Ghz.

Form-In-Place  ( FIP ) gaskets Form in Place Environmental Gaskets:
Our automated Form-In-Place gasketing process also applies environmental non conductive elastomer beads to metal and plastic substrates. These form in place gaskets provide reliable environmental seals and have excellent adhesion properties. Beads are dispensed with robotic accuracy providing a highly conformable gasket that can accommodate various height requirements.

Engineering Notes: We have the capability to do all in house tooling, locating fixtures and programming. Compression range is 10% to 50%, with 30% ideal depending on material. Bead diameters and placements are verified with vision measuring equipment. We offer a wide range of materials but will also work with any customer specified materials.

FIP UV Curable Gasket Video

Central Coating is now offering the latest generation in Form-in-Place (FIP) Gasket Application using UV curing dispensing technology. This process and material is used for sealing Plastic, Glass, Metal and Plated surfaces and enclosures. The dispensed gaskets acts as a moisture seal preventing air, dust, liquids, gaseous substances and dirt from penetrating the enclosure. The gaskets are cured in-line, increasing production speeds and turn-around times. These curable materials contain no nonreactive solvents and are silicone free! These materials conform to intricate channels and recesses.


Engineer’s Guide to Form-In-Place Gasket Design


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