Polane 8400 Now Available from Central Coating

As part of Central Coating Company’s commitment in providing the best and latest in coating services technology, we are excited to announce that we are now able to apply Sherwin-Williams New Polane ® 8400. Polane ® 8400 is an advanced two-component polyurethane coating which meets the demanding bio-compatibility, chemical resistance, durability and finished appearance requirements of leading Medical & Diagnostic Device Manufacturers. Central Coating‘s application expertise can apply Polane ® 8400 in both smooth and textured finishes. Polane ® 8400 can be applied to and is compatible with metal, most molded and thermoformed plastics and composite materials. This advanced paint finish not only protects the equipment, but will remain inert when it comes in contact with the patient.
Polane ® 8400 meets ISO 10993 bio-compatibility standards and is resistant to the effects of the cleaners, alcohols, and solutions that come in contact with electronic and medical devices. 

Polane ® 8400 
  • Passes ISO bio-compatibility tests for in vitro cytotoxicity, skin irritation and dermal sensitization
  • Compatible with approved solvents and cleaning solutions specified by major medical diagnostic & electronic OEMS
  • Industry-leading performance in standard abrasion and impact resistance test
  • Available in gloss ranges including metallics, micas, smooth & textured effects

For more information about Polane ® 8400 or to discuss potential applications please contact
Larry Denefrio or David McCarthy at: