Ultrasonic Welding

WelderIn order to meet the growing demands of our customer’s secondary assembly requirements, Central Coating now has Ultrasonic Welding capabilities. We have acquired a Branson Model 931MA/931AES ultrasonic welder which is a 20khz 3000 watt welding system, capable of welding in TIME/DISTANCE and ENERGY modes.

Ultrasonic Welding Capabilities

Ultrasonic welding is used for joining complex injection molded thermoplastics. Our equipment can be easily customized to fit the exact specifications of the parts being welded. The ultrasonic energy melts the point contact between the parts, creating a joint. The ultrasonic welding process is a great automated alternative to adhesive, screw or snap-fit designs. It is typically used with small parts however; our system can be used on parts as large 12″ X 12″.

 ultra 2

Before Weld

Ultrasonic welding can be used for both hard and soft plastics, such as nylon, poly-carbonate and ABS. Ultrasonic welding is much faster than conventional adhesives or solvents. The drying time is very quick, and the pieces do not need to remain in a jig for long periods of time waiting for the joint to dry or cure.

 ultra 1

After Weld

The welding can easily be automated, making clean and precise joints; the site of the weld is very clean and rarely requires any touch-up work. The low thermal impact on the materials involved, enables a greater number of materials to be welded together.  To find out more about please call us at 508-835-6225.