Value Added Services

Autoliv C6In addition to our core capabilities Central Coating also offers the value added services listed below. Allowing us to manage all of your secondary operations will result in lower transportation and administrative costs as well as reduce your manufacturing overhead.


Supply Chain Management of Parts, Components, & Assemblies

  • Incoming Inspection (ICI)
  • AS9102 First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • Approved Vendor List (AVL) / Supplier Qualification
  • Critical Inspection Data & Batch Traceability

Full Machine Shop

  • Custom Tools, Masks, Fixtures/Jigs
  • Post Mold Machining of Plastic & Metal
    • HASS 4.5 Axis CNC
    • HASS 3 Axis CNC
    • Proto-Trak 2.5 Axis CNC

Automated Non-Contact Vision System for Inspection

  • Micro-Vu
  • Prospect Industries

Potting, Encapsulation, Soldering (IPC-A-610 & J-STD-001), Bonding, Adhesives, Ultrasonic Welding, Heat Staking, Inserts, 3D Printing (SLA/FDM), Industrial Grade Washing System, Walk-In Oven for Thermal Curing of Materials

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